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5 Everyday Tips to Protect Your Floors

Until the time comes where we can fly as humans (is that soon?), we will forever need the floor beneath our feet to get around. This in turn, puts quite the burden on our flooring to bear the wear and tear of constant movement, spillages and the dirt and dust from everyday life. You see where we’re going here. Maintaining and protecting your floors is an important practice, and we’re here to help. We have five tips that we guarantee will help protect your floors. Implement these into your everyday routines, whether your home dawns carpet, hardwood flooring, or tile.  

  1. Vacuum regularly – Picking up the dirt, dust and hair that is piling up on your floors or getting compressed into your carpet is something you should be doing regularly. With a Neato D9, you can let the intelligent robot vacuum do the work for you, cleaning up to 1,600 sq. feet of your home on a single charge.  
  2. Clean up spills quickly – We’re not perfect. We all spill things. And half the time, it tends to end up on the floor. It’s easy to walk away and tell yourself that you’ll clean it up later. Unfortunately, this is not good for your floors – so just take a deep breath, and clean that spillage up right away! 
  3. Use foot protectors – Our furniture gets moved around on our floors more than we think. And because they can be a little hefty in weight, they can easily damage our floors. Add a little separation between your floors and furniture with foot protectors
  4. Check your pets – Your furry friend uses not two, but FOUR feet on your flooring! Be sure to keep their nails trimmed and paws clean, so you don’t end up with added dirt and scratches on your flooring. 
  5. Take off your shoes – Leave those shoes at the door. Though this may take some time and self-control to become a habit, it may be the easiest thing you can do to protect your floors. If you need some wearables for some foot support, find a pair that are friendly to your floors. 

We think these tips will help you feel good, and your floors feel even better! Try one or try all. You and your floors will thank us. 

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