D-shaped to do the dirty work.

The Neato D9 takes care of the dirty work with more pickup than the Neato D8 and an Ultra-Performance HEPA-style filter that captures 99.5% of allergens. With the largest dirt bin on the market for robot vacuums, an extra wide brush, self-charging, and scheduled cleaning options, Neato will clean when you want, how you want. You've got better things to do.

The D-shape advantage Play video icon
Meet the new Neato D9 for your everyday clean.


view, even in the dark


just like self-driving cars

Navigation per Laser. Genial.

Auto-recharge with Quick Boost*

Charges only what it needs to finish a long cleaning run

Zone & No-Go Zone cleaning

Define specific areas to clean more frequently or avoid

Convenient scheduling

Set routines for when & where your robot cleans

Perfect for everyday cleaning convenience.

If you are looking at Neato we know you are looking for extra help around the home. The Neato D9 is the cleaning companion that will make your life easier. Whether you are a busy professional or busy with family activities, the D9 has the performance, the quality, & the runtime you need for a complete clean. Let Neato do the dirty work for you.

Out of bounds for robots.

Keep robots out of areas you don't want them to go with No-Go Zones. Have an area with extra delicate décor, a place for pet bowls, or a spot on the floor where kids usually have their toys? Set up No-Go Zones to tell Neato those spots are out of bounds.


No-Go Zones

for a personal clean

Out of bounds for robots.

Out of bounds for robots.

Keep robots out of areas you don't want them to go with No-Go Zones. Have an area with extra delicate décor, a place for pet bowls, or a spot on the floor where kids usually have their toys? Set up No-Go Zones to tell Neato those spots are out of bounds.

Out of bounds for robots.


No-Go Zones

for a personal clean

Tech Specs for Neato D9

  • Dimensions

    • 12.71 in x 13.22 in x 3.99 in
  • Weight

    • 8.07 lbs
  • Brushes

    • Helix Multi-Surface Brush (11")

      Side Brush 

  • Vacuum cleaner functions

    • 0.7 liter dirt bin capacity

      Ultra-Performance E11 filter with mesh

      All surface types

      Brushed black finish

      Drop sensors

      LIDAR mapping and navigation

      Auto-recharge and resume

      Info button with voice-based responses

      Up to 200 minutes runtime

      Cleans 1,600 sq. ft. on a single charge

      Power consumption does not exceed 50W

  • App features

    • New app and UI

      Post-cleaning coverage map

      Cleaning history

      Zones designate areas to clean, and where Neato should stay away

  • Cleaning options

    • Schedule cleaning

      Whole house cleaning

      Multi-Zone cleaning

      Eco mode

      Turbo mode

      Google Voice and Amazon Alexa compatibility

What's in the box

  • Neato D9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
  • Slimline Charge Base
  • Power cord (6')
  • Helix Multi-Surface Brush
  • Ultra-Performance filter (2 extra)
  • Brush Cleaning Tool
  • 4200mAH 14.4V high-capacity lithium-ion battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Ron O. (Georgetown, CA)

I've decommissioned our D5 after 4+ years of satisfied cleaning. There were some issues, but with help of customer service all were remedied.

Now with the maiden run of our new D9, so far so good. It does seem to be more aggressive on Eco,bumping into furniture, but is negotiating all obstacles including carpet with underpad.

The initial programming had one blip. I have an Android 13 phone, but my wife's 11 loaded all stages of setup seamlessly.

As I'm writing, "Nate 2" has been cleaning for 40 minutes in a 1250 sf condo, with no interruptions, pauses or stuckness. I'm waiting to see if it can find home safely on this New Year's. Otherwise I will administer a breathalyzer test!!

1. Dust bin size was not larger than D5 and
2. The square design is still not being maximized, by doing a round clean in an inside corner. In my opinion, it should backup & insert it's square corner into the square space to pick up the dust that is normally left. The square design needs to be maximized in its cleaning performace!

Otherwise, so far so good!!

Ken K. (Havana, US)
Bring Back the Magnetis Strips

Upgraded from a D5 to the D9. Love the extended run time and added suction but really miss the magnets. I use the app and setup the no go zones but if the unit gets lost it will go places its not supposed to. Why not keep the magnetic strip capability as a safety?

Anonymous (Henderson, US)
not the vacuums fault

For us seniors, buying a vacuum That you need to download an app in order to use it, is too much. If my daughter didn't live across the street to come over and do this for me, I wouldn't be able to use it. Other than that, it doesn't know when to quit. I have to stop it. I know, picky picky picky, but you asked!

Jeff H. (Leominster, US)
Nice Vacuum

I had an older unit that was burning batteries every 6 months. Decided to get the latest model and am thrilled with the improvements. Very easy to set up. It was important to set up no/go zones. Found this very intuitive and easy. The filters are much better with a mesh protector in front of the membrane. Seems to keep it much cleaner. Schedules are easy to create and delete. overall very happy with the unit.

Husky d.

I have 2 huskies and this unit has no problem keeping up with them

The Neato Advantage

  • D-shape design

    You can't use circles to clean a square corner. Neato's industry-first D-shape allows for a brush right at the edge for corner-to-corner clean.

  • LIDAR navigation

    Neato robots scan and map your entire house and navigate methodically so your floors get cleaned faster and more completely, even in the dark.

  • Signature Neato quality

    With Neato, you can expect industry-leading technology and premium quality to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

  • Hassle-free setup

    Get cleaning in minutes with Neato’s hassle-free, Bluetooth-enabled setup on the MyNeato app. It’s an experience that makes Neato the clear choice for clean.