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Cleaning Life Hacks For Your Dorm Room

Living away from home seems fantastic for many students only at first glance. Yes, now your parents won't be looking over your shoulder, but are you sure you know everything about dorm life? Can you handle all the responsibilities your mom used to do for you? So if you don't want to be disappointed, consider some cleaning life hacks for the dorm room to help you cope with your new duties quickly and efficiently without wasting the time and energy you need for education. 

Secrets of How to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean  

Cleanliness is essential in creating a cozy room, which everyone should like because living in a bright and comfortable dwelling is much more pleasant than living in a dirty one. However, some people are unfamiliar with the word cleaning. If you're one of them, we hasten to disappoint you.   

And while studying custom writing reviews on Best Writers Online saves you from struggling with research papers, you have to be involved in cleaning your dorm room anyway. But don't get upset, and continue reading this article, as you'll learn how to make your life much easier concerning this issue.  

✔️  Unfortunately, you've received sofas or bed mattresses that someone had used for years before, which can cause you sadness. Updating a couch is difficult, but it is possible with little tricks. You can transform your sofa with blankets or covers, which you can order or buy in a store. But it costs you less to make them yourself since you can choose any fabric you like. Moreover, it will be in harmony with the room's overall atmosphere if you choose the same material for the mattress and chairs. 

✔️  Get an affordable vacuum cleaner since a small room usually requires daily cleaning. Such a purchase will save you a lot of time. The Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum can become an excellent choice for you because it's optimized for small spaces. Moreover, you and your roommates can come to a clean dorm by assigning the robot vacuum to clean when you're away from home or between classes. 

✔️ Use disinfectant surface wipes to kill all the germs and bacteria that accumulate in the room. Simple and easy to use, they don't require rinsing after use, are suitable for frequent use, and won't irritate the skin on your hands which is especially important for girls. 

✔️ Take advantage of storage containers not only in the living area but also for bathrooms and kitchens. In the bathroom, put towels, cleaners, detergents, brushes, and sponges. In the kitchen, use them to store spices, cereals, utensils, and cleaning supplies. Try to put everything in closed cabinets. 

✔️ You can buy a laundry basket with a lid that will decorate your bath, creating an order there. However, you can put it in any convenient place.  

✔️ Magazines, folders with documents, paper for notes, pens, and pencils scattered around the room create a lot of inconveniences. In addition, the dwelling won't get comfortable with this approach to the case. So instead, sort it all into separate stacks, and buy inexpensive organizers and paper trays. Use a different shelf if you don't have a desk. 

Last Few Tips to Make Your Room Cozier 

If you're doing a great job cleaning your room thanks to the tips above, but anyway, it doesn't look how you would like it to, we have some extra practical tips. However, if even these life hacks are not enough, you can benefit from Trust My Paper essay writing company, where you can find an expert who provides the information you need. 

📌 Divide the room into zones by identifying a place to rest, a working area, and a place to eat. 

📌 Create different lighting for each area. For example, hang a sconce over the sleeping area and install a desk or floor lamp in the working area. Screens and curtains, perhaps, can help divide the zones as well. 

📌 Try to make your room light. Consider that bedspreads, curtains, and sofa cushions can create a cozy atmosphere. And if you keep everything in light colors,  they will slightly expand the room's walls.  

📌 Leave free access to the window. To feel the space, you should be able to ventilate the room anytime. Decorate the window with airy, transparent tulle. Framing always creates an extra sense of comfort. Maybe you prefer roller shutters or blinds, so choose to your liking. 

Bottom Line 

It is certain that this article will assist in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the dorm room, but don't forget to also make friends with your roommates with whom you will share chores. Make sure everyone has a set of tasks for the week and set up a line for the heaviest duties. To avoid conflict, you can always leave the choice of preferred functions to your new acquaintances. 

This guest article was written by Nancy P. Howard, who has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing. 

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