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The Must Have Smart Home Product for All Newlyweds

Wedding season is coming in hot – literally. Temperatures are rising and so is the number of weddings happening around us. Love is in the air, and we are HERE FOR IT! There are a lot of pieces of marriage advice that can be given to couples. You hear of the usuals like communication, maintaining individuality, and dressing up for one another. What you don’t hear often is cleaning advice for newly hitched couples. 

As newlyweds are starting a new chapter in their lives, they will also begin sharing household duties if they hadn’t already. And arguing over who’s going to do the cleaning isn’t the right way to start a marriage. We want to be there to help ease the clean. 

Any one of our Neato D series robot vacuums will be a couple’s new favorite smart home product. Whether you’re the couple looking to add to your wedding registry or you’re frantically browsing the web to find that perfect wedding gift, see which Neato may be best with our recommendation tool 

Your Neato will not only do the vacuuming for you and check off a big task on your cleaning list, but it will also bring some fun and improvement to your everyday life. Start by welcoming your Neato into your family just like you would a new family member. Give your robot a name (the fun part!) and find a space for it your home. From there, watch it get the work done for you while you spend quality time with your partner, an important key to a successful marriage. 

Once you have a Neato, you’ll never look back. If this wasn’t convincing enough, read our post about perks of robot vacuum, and you’ll know why.

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