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Spring Cleaning Starts with Neato

As we begin to emerge from our collective winter hibernation, brushing the last crumbs from our uncomfortably tight pants (maybe that’s just us?), visions of Marie Kondo dance in our heads - “spark joy” indeed. As it is now more than two years into the pandemic, and we’ve all been spending more time than ever in our homes, the urge to declutter runs especially high. While contemplating whether it’s easier to haul everything down to the curb or simply set your kids’ stained beanbag on fire and warm ourselves by the flames, we’ll pass along a few helpful tips to help ease your spring cleaning journey.  

First, as you reacquaint yourself with what your floors actually look like, consider the dirt, dust and dander that has been hiding underneath all the stuff that used to occupy that space. Removing clutter is half the battle, but chasing down the herd of dust bunnies that have set up camp over the winter is another matter. 

The first day of spring is less than a month away, so naturally, spring cleaning is likely on your mind. If it is, we just became best friends. If not, we have some work to do. Even though we’ve come to know and love the concept that one time of year we put an emphasis on cleaning our homes, cleaning our homes is something we, frankly, should be doing regularly.  

Before we share our tips, we thought we’d give you a brief history lesson. The concept of spring cleaning dates back centuries ago to the Jewish custom of cleaning and removing any yeast bread or chametz from the home prior to Passover in March or April. It was also used as a time to give the entire home some TLC. Tradition aside, springtime tends to be livelier and brighter (literally) than the cold, dark winter that precedes it – giving us all that extra motivation to clean. 

Let’s get one thing straight. Though we do celebrate spring cleaning, Neato sees no seasons. Your floors can be spring cleaning fresh year-round. Helping your home stay clean year-round is what we do best – though we can help kickstart your spring cleaning. Give these few tips a try.  

  1. Make a list of all the things you need to clean. Try organizing your list by area or zones in your home. This will help break up the tasks and perhaps make cleaning feel less like a chore and more like a mission. 
  2. Send your Neato out to kickstart the cleaning process. By doing an initial vacuuming of the home, you’ll feel motivated to make the rest of the home match the clean floors. 
  3. Set your Neato up for success by putting it on a schedule with Routines in your MyNeato app. This way, your Neato can clean on the day and time that best suits your schedule!  
  4. Recruit help from family and/or friends! Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Plus, doing things we the people you love simply makes everything better. 

If you’re looking for an intelligent robot vacuum that can clean your family home, our Neato D10 has your name all over it. Learn more about how it can make your life that much easier. 

Bottom line is cleaning is a chore that most people don’t enjoy doing. That’s why we want to be there to help improve your everyday life with robotics. Let’s make spring cleaning something to look forward to this year. 

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