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3 Back to School Cleaning Tips

It’s most likely been years since you wrote HAGS (have a great summer) in a classmate’s yearbook on your way out to enjoy summer vacation. It feels like just yesterday, and so does the beginning of this summer. Reality is, it’s just about time to head back to school. 

With the hustle and bustle of school drop offs/pick-ups, homework and after school sports, cleaning your home is the last thing you want to do. But we must, so we’re here to help. Try these three tips to make cleaning something you might just look forward to – no guarantees. 

  1. Schedule your cleaning. Mark your calendar with specific cleaning days and times for various parts of the house. And when it comes to your Neato, set it and forget it with routines. 
  2. Sanitize spaces often. There’s a lot going on and a lot of people you and your family are interfacing with. Stay one step ahead and sanitize commonly used surfaces like handles and knobs. 
  3. Have your kids help clean. Give them a task! Kids want the chance to help out here and there too. Give them a cleaning task they can help with. Perhaps dusting or organizing their belongings into their proper homes so that you can clean where needed! 

These tips aren’t going to solve all your problems but will definitely ease the stress of cleaning this Fall. And for you TikTok users, check out our seven favorite cleaning hacks that you can give a try.  

P.S. Our Neato D8 & D10 are currently on sale. Go snag yourself one of our robot vacuums to help you this back to school and beyond!


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