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Ultra-performance for the ultimate clean.

With our longest runtime of 150 minutes, a True HEPA filter, exclusive Pet Mode, and signature D-shape, the Neato D10 combines maximum-performance suction with the efficiency of a robot. Plus get automatic software updates regularly for the latest features. You won’t want to hide this vacuum in the closet.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, the D10 is going to be the bot to get.

Neato’s latest robot vacuum is a pet owner’s dream

Like all Neato robots, the D10 uses a laser-powered lidar navigation system. That means it will move through rooms and across floors deliberately, efficiently avoiding obstacles in its path.

At IFA Berlin 2020, Neato announced several new high-end models—the D8, D9, and D10—which stand to inject a healthy dose of innovation into the robotics vacuum category.

Navigates with lasers. Genius.

Neato’s robotic vacuums use LaserSmart technology powered by LIDAR to map and navigate your home with precision, even in the dark. The Neato D10 has the longest runtime of all Neato models at up to 150 minutes*, ideal for larger homes. Worried about stairs? The Neato D10 stays away from stairs using its drop sensors and continues to learn what to stay away from as you use it. With Neato, you can just let it run.

Introducing Neato’s new premium line of intelligent robot vacuums


view, even in the dark


just like self-driving cars

Navigates with lasers. Genius.

Tech specs for Neato D10


    • 12.71 in. x 13.22 in. x 3.99 in.

    • 8.07 lbs

    • Spiral Combo Brush (11”)
    • Side Brush

    • 0.7 liter dirt bin capacity
    • True HEPA filter
    • Spiral Combo Brush for all surface types
    • Brushed silver finish 
    • Chrome color turret 
    • LIDAR mapping and navigation 
    • Auto-recharge and resume
    • Info button with voice-based responses provides robot status and error notifications 
    • Runtime: Up to 150 minutes

    • Scheduling
    • Remote clean
    • Cleaning maps
    • Cleaning history

    • Scheduled cleaning
    • Whole house & Spot cleaning
    • Eco/Turbo Mode
    • Pet Mode
    • Auto-Select Mode
    • Extra care navigation
    • *Not all features available at launch

What’s in the box

  • Neato D10 Intelligent Robot VacuumNeato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
  • Slimline Charge BaseSlimline Charge Base
  • Power cord (6')Power cord (6′)
  • True HEPA filters (2 extra)True HEPA filters (2 extra)
  • Brush cleaning toolBrush cleaning tool
  • Spiral Combo BrushSpiral Combo Brush
  • 6200mAH 14.4V high-capacity lithium-ion battery6200mAH 14.4V high-capacity lithium-ion battery

Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

  • The D-shape advantage

    You can’t use circles to clean a square corner. That’s why Neato introduced the D-shape design to the industry more than 15 years ago. That D-shape allows for a brush right at the edge of our vacuum, instead of in between wheels like those round robots. The result? The widest brush and largest dirt bin in the robot vacuum industry so you can reach corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge for a more complete clean.

  • True HEPA for a true clean

    We know that when you’re looking at Neato, you’re looking for the ultimate cleaning performance. That’s why we created the Neato D10. Our flagship model uses true HEPA filters to capture up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, with a runtime of up to 150 minutes.*

  • Peak performance for pets

    Switch the Neato D10 from energy-saving Eco Mode for general vacuuming to peak-performance Turbo Mode for those areas that need a more powerful clean. Have pets? The Neato D10 also comes with Pet Mode, our most powerful mode that digs deep into fibers to capture more dirt and dander.

  • Hassle-free setup

    Get cleaning in minutes with Neato’s Bluetooth-enabled WiFi setup. Using the MyNeato app to clean when you want, wherever you are—on demand or scheduled in advance. * Features vary by model. Not all features available at launch.

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