Neato Botvac Connected
Cereal Spill

Maximum Hair Pickup

Industry reviewers like CNET agree— Neato is best at picking up pet hair.

Hair. Pet, human, or other… Neato doesn’t discriminate. Picks up more pet hair than other bots.

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Extra Large Robot Vacuum Filters

A True Purebred

Neato’s super suction and brush system pick up pet hair from every type of floor surface. Super suction is an absolute necessity when you consider that in one year, a Labrador alone sheds 70 pounds of hair.

Ultra Performance Robot Vacuum Filters

Ultra Performance Filter

High Performance Robot Vacuum Filters

High Performance Filter

Extra Large Filters

If allergies and air quality are a concern, or you simply want to ensure that your robot is operating at its peak, these filters are your best choice.

The ultra performance filter is the easiest to remove with the new latch design. Includes a new filter screen to keep dirt where it belongs – in the dirt bin.

Win the game of cat and house.

Under furniture. Into corners. Along walls. Wherever hair goes, Neato follows.

Powerful Suction
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