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Find answers to frequently asked questions and other how-to information for Neato robot vacuums and accessories.

Running a Network Scan Before Contacting Support

This article explains how to run a home network scan using the “RouteThis Helps” app.


Who is RouteThis?
A Neato partner that analyzes your home network and identifies areas that may prevent your Neato from connecting to Wi-Fi.


When Should I Run a Network Scan?
When you're unable to connect your robot and standard troubleshooting fails, we're here to hep! The following explains how to run a scan and share your results with our customer care team. 



  1. Download the "RouteThis Helps" app to an Android or iOS device. 

    1. Google Play
    2. Apple App Store

  2. After installation is complete, launch the app and tap “BEGIN”.


  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. When prompted, enter the code "NEAT".  


  5. The app will generate a unique key - take note and keep it handy.
    Click "NEXT".


  6. Place your smart device next to the troubled Neato robot, then tap “I MOVED IT”.


  7. If prompted, click "Yes" to confirm your device has been moved.

  8. Leave the app running until the scan completes.
    (up to 2 minutes)

  9. When complete, you'll see your network speed results.

  10. Click continue to finalize the process.

  11. Contact Customer Care and let them know you've run a network scan. Provide your unique key and our team will have access to a variety of network tests and diagnostics to help solve your issue.

    If you would like to review your scan, simply request a copy and our team will email your results.



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