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Step by Step Instructions for Connecting your Robot to Wi-Fi


The information in this article applies to the following:

  • Neato D3
  • Neato D4
  • Neato D5
  • Neato D6
  • Neato D7




Before you can begin using all the advanced functions of your Neato Botvac Connected series robot you'll need to connect to your Wi-Fi Network. First thing to do is install the Neato App to your smartphone or tablet. Please visit your devices app store to download the latest version.

When installation completes, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be prompted to create a Neato account and verify your account details via e-mail.


After your account is verified it's time too add/connect your robot

  1. Take the charge base and fully seat the power cable to the rear port.
  2. Plug the power cord into a power outlet.
  3. Place your Neato on the charge base and press the Start button to power on.
  4. Open the app and and follow the "Add a New Robot" instructions.


NOTE: When first powered on, the robot will automatically enter pairing mode. You will hear a musical chime and the INFO LED (Or Wi-Fi for the D7) will slowly blink blue, indicating it is ready to pair. 



If you encounter connection or pairing problems, please see the following



Check your Wi-Fi router information:

  1. Confirm the internet can be reached by a smartphone or tablet when connected to same SSID and Password.
  2. Make sure your wireless router is either 2.4 GHz or a dual band router that is configured to support 2.4 GHz.  The Botvac Connected series robots do not support the 5 GHz band with the exception of Botvac D7 which supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.
  3. Verify that you have the correct password for your network.  If you are trying to connect to a hidden network, make sure you have the correct network name, SSID, and that the network is 2.4 GHz.  Also note that the SSID and password are case sensitive.
  4. Ensure that your Wi-Fi SSID and password do not contain slashes (/) or spaces (  )



Consider your Wi-Fi routers physical placement: 

  • Be sure it’s located in a central area, offering the best possible signal with limited interference to all your connected devices.
  • Avoid placing your router behind building material that blocks its signal. Material such as glass, concrete, brick, steel or any type of metal is known to be problematic. 
  • Avoid placing your router next to electric devices or appliance that can emit and introduce RF interference. TV’s, cordless phones and microwave ovens typically cause issues. 
  • For single-story homes, consider placing the router as high as possible in the room. This will help disperse the signal throughout your home.
  • For two-story homes, placing high on the first-floor ceiling or low on the second floor may provide better coverage. 
  • For three-story homes, consider placing in the center of the second floor. This should help evenly disperse the signal to all three floors. 



Connection Process (step by step)

If your first attempt at pairing was unsuccessful, you’ll need to place the robot back into pairing mode.

  1. Press and hold the "Right Bumper" and "Start Button" simultaneously for 10 seconds.

  2. Press the Start button once more to turn the robot back on.  Once robot has turned back on, you will hear a musical chime from the robot and the INFO LED (Or Wi-Fi Icon for the D7) should start slowly blinking blue, the robot is now in pairing mode for the next 60 minutes.

  3. Go through the pairing process again. Using the Neato iOS or Android app, select ‘Add a New Robot’ and follow the steps provided.   

    1. Sign in or Create a Neato Account if you have not already done so.
    2. Choose your Robot and follow the on-screen instructions.

    3. The next step entails connecting your phone to the robots temporary access point. Use your devices "Settings" app to make this connection.

    4. After you pair to the access point, you will need to tell the robot which Wi-Fi network you want it to connect to and enter your Wi-Fi password. 

    5. Once you successfully enter your username and password you will see the robot attempt to complete the connection process.




Advanced Troubleshooting

If you are unable to get past the ‘Connecting to Wi-Fi’ step, make sure the robot was properly bumper reset (As described above in STEP 4: Connect and Pair)

  1. Ensure the Info LED on the robot (Wi-Fi LED on Botvac D7) is slowly pulsing blue
  2. Ensure mobile device / app are close to the robot
  3. Ensure robot is on charger and charged
  4. Ensure Wi-Fi credentials are accurate and entered correctly


If you can’t get past the ‘Connecting to the internet’ step try the following:

  1. Confirm a secure https site can be reached with the mobile device on that ssid, such as gmail or

  2. Confirm port 443 is not blocked on the router settings.
    1. Note any DNS restrictions or settings. If DNS (ports 52 or 53) are disallowed, allow them
    2. If a rule exists to ONLY allow port 80 traffic, add HTTPS / SSL (port 443) and DNS (port 53)
    3. If you are unable to allow traffic on port 53, that should be ok, it is not essential.
    4. Use google DNS servers instead of router or ISP (google DNS primary is, secondary
    5. Try to reconnect


If you can’t get past the ‘Registering robot on Neato Servers’ try the following: 

  1. Confirm that a smartphone or tablet, on the same Wi-Fi, can browse to and end up at the regular website.


If you can’t get past the ‘Reconnecting your device’ step try the following:

  1. Confirm the mobile device has successfully reconnected to the home wifi by itself.
  2. Manually reconnect the mobile device to the desired Wi-Fi
  3. Restart the app, see if the robot is there now, and if it connects 



Still can’t connect?”

Tried these steps and still having issues connecting your Neato Robot to Wi-Fi or keeping it connected? Please see our article on running a network scan and then contact our care team by phone, chat, or email.



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