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Find answers to frequently asked questions and other how-to information for Neato robot vacuums and accessories.

Warranty & Repair
Warranty  1 year

If your Neato is still under warranty and you could not resolve the issue with your robot, you can get further assistance by contacting customer service here. You can also find product warranty details in the Neato Robotics Limited Warranty.

RepairNeato Authorized Repair

If your robot is out of warranty, Neato recommends contacting an authorized repair facility.

  • In the United States or Canada, Funai is an authorized repair facility.
  • In the United States or Canada, iFixRobot is an authorized repair facility.
  • In the European Union, LetMeRepair is an authorized repair facility.
  • For all other countries, please contact the authorized partner where you purchased your robot for assistance.

ConsumablesNeato Genuine Accessories

We recommend that you keep extra filters on hand to keep your robot working well.  Because Neato robots operate on battery power, at some point you will need to replace its batteries.  You can purchase replacement batteries here.

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