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Why Robot

Neato builds smart, capable robots to
help people live better lives.

SpinFlow™ Power Clean System

Neato knows life gets busy. Our patented SpinFlow technology gives a thorough cleaning to areas in your life that you don’t have time to worry about.

Versatile Brush System'

The Combo Brush provides the best all-around clean—picking up all types of debris including hair on carpet, ideal for homes with pets.  The Spiral Blade Brush is a deep cleaning brush—insert it when you want high-powered dirt pickup.

Combo Brush

Combo Brush

Best all-around clean—best for hair on carpeted floors

Spiral Blade Brush

Spiral Blade Brush

Optimized deep cleaning of dirt and debris

Extra-Large Dirt Bin with Ultra Performance Filter

Captures twice as many small particles (as small as 0.3 microns) as other round robots, and gives you that just-cleaned look every day. Plus the easy to pop out ultra-performance filter— with filter screen that makes cleaning easy.

Turbo Power Suction

All Neato robots deliver powerful suction. Botvac Connected comes with dual cleaning modes—Turbo mode provides a super-powered clean with maximum pickup. Eco mode offers a longer, quieter energy saving clean.

Powerful Suction

Neato robots automatically adjust to clean all floor surfaces.


Neato’s Botvac droid is the vacuum droid you’re looking for.

— USA Today —

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