D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

Wifi-enabled robot vacuum

Neato D7 is the best robot vacuum in our line-up. It has all of our newest features including zone cleaning, multiple floor plan mapping, and No-Go Lines, so your home will be cleaner than it ever has been.

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Product Features

  • LaserSmart™ technology intelligently navigates your home
  • Zone cleaning lets you clean specific areas on demand
  • No-Go Lines helps your robot not get stuck
  • Turbo mode boosts suction to pick up pet hair and tough debris
  • Up to 120 minutes of battery life 2 , perfect for large homes
House Method's 2018 Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair
Reviewed.com D7 Editors' Choice Award
2017 Innovation Awards - Show Stoppers - IFA 2017

D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Details

Take your cleaning further with the Neato D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum. It is our best robot vacuum with the newest features ensuring you get an impeccable home cleaning. It starts with our proprietary LaserSmart ™ mapping and navigation technology. Your robot will cover more area in less time1 , moving around your house in a logical pattern, not randomly like other robots. The new zone cleaning feature lets you clean specific areas in your home on demand with a push of a button. Want an extra deep clean? Switch to Turbo mode to speed up the brush and increase suction to pick up debris you can’t see. Plus, the robot’s unique D-shape design gets into corners better than others. If you have a large home, don’t worry, it gets up to two hours of runtime2 .

Neato D7 is super smart, remembering multiple floor plans and letting you create No-Go Lines on each, so your robot knows where not to go so it avoids getting stuck. And it keeps getting smarter. With software updates, Neato D7 will be the first to have the latest features.

1Based on internal tests using IEC test standards compared against Roomba 980.

2Tested in Neato’s lab on a combination of hard floors and carpet.

D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Features

Navigates with lasers. Genius.

Navigates with lasers. Genius.

LaserSmart™ technology scans and maps your entire house, creating a floor plan for your robot to follow. It moves exactly how a smart robot should, in straight lines instead of a random pattern. Lasers even let it clean in the dark.

Cleaning by zone. <br/>Controlled by you.

Cleaning by zone.
Controlled by you.

With zone cleaning, you can target trouble areas in your home more frequently. Make a zone for the dinner table, and send the robot to take care of all those crumbs that fall to the floor.

Out of bounds for robots.

Out of bounds for robots.

With the multiple floor plan feature, Neato D7 can remember up to three different floor plans. So now you can set up No-Go Lines on every floor. Tell your robot where not to go while helping prevent it from getting stuck.

Cover more ground. <br/>Clean deeper down.

Cover more ground.
Clean deeper down.

Get into every crevice. Turbo mode gets the deep down dirt you can’t see by speeding up the brush and boosting suction power. The robot’s unique D-shape design and large core brush finds dirt in corners better than others.

Trap allergens. Breathe freely.

Trap allergens. Breathe freely.

Your robot sucks up a lot of dust and debris. The ultra performance filter is designed to trap the stuff that makes us sneeze and itch, capturing up to 99% of tiny dust mites and allergens as small as 10 microns.

More power to you

More power to you

Get up to 120 minutes of battery life1, perfect for even the largest homes. If your robot needs extra power to finish a cleaning run, Quick Boost lets your robot charge only what it needs, so it finishes the job fast.2

All Neato Connected Robots Include:

D-Shape <br/>Design
Scheduled <br/>Cleanings
Works with <br/>Smart Devices

*Feature supported in select countries.

Software <br/>Upgrades

D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Tech Specs

This section is a great place to find info, tips and help. Just make sure you’ve read your Neato D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Owner’s Guide before using your unit.

What's in the D7 box?

  • Neato D7 robot vacuum
  • Charge Base
  • Power Cord
  • Spiral Combo Brush
  • Ultra Performance Filter
  • Brush and Filter Cleaning Tool
  • Boundary Markers (2M)

D7 Robot Vacuum Dimensions

  • 13.21 inch x 12.56 inch x 3.92 inch

D7 Robot Vacuum Weight

  • 7.5lbs

D7 Robot Vacuum Brushes

  • Main brush: 11 inch spiral combo brush
  • Side brush included

D7 Robot Vacuum Dustbin Capacity

  • 0.7 liters

D7 Robot Included Features

  • LaserSmart™ Mapping & Navigation
  • Ultra Performance Filter
  • Spiral Combo Brush for All Surface Types

D7 Robot Vacuum App Features

  • Coverage Map
  • Cleaning History
  • Multiple Floor Plan Mapping
  • No-Go Lines
  • Extra Care Navigation

D7 Robot Vacuum Cleaning Options

  • Scheduled Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Zone Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Eco / Turbo Mode

D7 Robot Vacuum Connectivity

  • Wifi 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz
  • Apple Watch
  • Amazon Echo*
  • Google Home*

D7 Robot Vacuum Battery

  • High capacity lithium ion
  • Run Time: Up to 120 minutes
  • Charge Time: Up to 150 minutes
  • Quick boost charging
  • Battery recharge and resume
    (up to 2 times)
Compare Robot Vacuums

*Feature supported in select countries.

D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum FAQ

How do I get the Neato D7 to clean using No-Go Lines?

First, you need to have your Neato D7 create a floor plan. Go to My Floor Plan, and follow the instructions to send your robot out to create a floor plan. Once the map is saved, you’ll be able to draw No-Go Lines on it. To clean with No-Go Lines, your robot vacuum must start from the charge base and you have to use the Neato app or schedule a cleaning in order for the robot to adhere to the No-Go Lines.

Is there “regular” maintenance required for the Neato D7?

To keep you Neato D7 running in tip-top shape you should do a few routine things. Use a Q-Tip to clean the drop sensors monthly. Remove the main brush and clean it off using the hair cutting tool monthly. Change filters every three months to maintain its effectiveness in trapping dust and allergens. Down the road, you’ll want to replace the main brush as well as the battery in order to get the best possible clean.

Can I select two zones for my Neato D7 to clean?

Currently, you can only select one zone for your Neato D7 to clean at a time. However, you might want to try using the scheduling function so that both areas get cleaned. For example, you can have the robot vacuum clean the kitchen at 9am and the master bedroom at 10am.

Can the Neato D7 store a map for a two story home?

Yes, the Neato D7 has the multiple floor plan feature and can store up to three floor plans in its memory. You can set up a set of custom No-Go Lines on each floor.

Does Neato D7 work with Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Yes, you can use voice commands to start your Neato D7 using Amazon Alexa on your Amazon Echo, as well as Google Assistant on your Google Home. However, if you want to use No-Go Lines, you must start your cleaning using the Neato app or schedule a cleaning.*

*Feature supported in select countries.

What does the extra care navigation feature do on the Neato D7?

Your Neato D7 does its best to clean every inch of your floors. So it gets very close to walls or stationary object. With extra care navigation, your robot will be more carefully maneuvering around your delicate items.

Can I use the multiple devices to control my Neato D7?

As long as you use the same account to sign into the Neato app on the other devices, you can use the same account. So, you can give access to any of your family members to start your Neato D7.

What do I do with the magnetic strip that came with my Neato D7?

The magnetic strip is a physical barrier. When taped to the floor, your Neato D7 will not cross the magnetic strip. It can be useful when creating a floor plan for the first time so your robot does not get stuck on objects that may be lying on the ground. But once you have created a floor plan, you can use No-Go Lines instead of the magnetic strips in order to tell your robot where not to go.

D7 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Reviews

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  1. Tested in Neato’s lab on a combination of hard floors and carpet.
  2. Saved floor plan required
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