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San Jose, California

Embedded Software Engineer 

As part of the Software R&D team, you’ll be working on Neato’s next generation of 

intelligent autonomous robots. You will be working with expert robotics SW engineers, 

embedded software engineers, and control system engineers. The autonomous robots that you 

help develop will be used and appreciated by millions of consumers. 

Neato is a fast growing developer and manufacturer of intelligent autonomous robotic floor 

cleaning products for the consumer market. Neato has a world-wide customer base, and global 

partners. Neato’s robots will continue to improve people’s lives through increasingly 

sophisticated versions of the platform as well as variations on the functionality that will be 

designed to penetrate a number of potential markets. 

Overall responsibilities: 

You will be expected to configure, customize, build and support embedded QNX and Linux 

systems for Neato’s robotic platforms. You will be expected to root cause and fix system level 

performance and reliability problems. You will report to the Director of Software, and will work 

closely with the EE team, the ME team, the QA team and the manufacturing team. 

The ideal candidate must have a high degree of initiative, and display excellent written and oral 

skills with demonstrated interpersonal and organization abilities. A candidate for this position 

must also be able and willing to become involved in other areas of software development. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Configure, customize, build and support embedded QNX and Linux systems 
  • Develop drivers for embedded QNX and Linux systems 
  • Keep Neato in compliance with open source licensing requirements 
  •  Port Software to new platforms 
  • Develop hardware functional tests 
  • Provide a secure embedded operating system to protect Neato’s proprietary IP 
  • Root cause and fix system level performance and reliability problems 
  • May need to travel outside of United States. 
  • The Ideal candidate will also possess the following skills: 
  • Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines. 
  • Self motivated, detail-oriented and organized. 
  • Excellent Diagnostic skills with both hardware issues and real-time software issues 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • DocuSign Envelope ID: C8A21258-75BE-4040-A590-0195D3846659 
  • Ability to investigate and adopt new tools 

Education and/or Experience: 

  •  Bachelor’s degree in computer science, MIS, or related experience. 
  • 2+ years developing/debugging Robotics/Mechatronics 
  • 2+ years in configuring/building/debugging embedded QNX or Linux systems with ‘RealTime’ requirements 
  • Knowledge of Linux Kernal, file systems, and driver architecture 
  • Experience in developing and debugging multi-threaded applications 
  • 4+ years developing ‘C’ and ‘C++’ code 
  • Experience in structured software development process 

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