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San Jose, CA

QA Hardware Technician
Neato Robotics is developing technology at the forefront of robotics & artificial intelligence.
Our products are designed to free people from household chores and will change how we all look
at housekeeping tasks. Our products, the award-winning Neato family of autonomous robotic
vacuums, have set new standards for intelligence, ease of use and cleaning effectiveness. The
products have been available in retail and online in the U.S. since 2010, and more recently in
Europe and Asia. And they are only the first few of many new products to come.
Our team consists of roboticists, mechanical, electrical and software engineers and product
professionals who have launched brands that are now familiar names in consumer electronics.
Our management team is seasoned in leading startups from early stage to successful
multinational enterprises.
We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Vorwerk International and headquartered in San Jose, CA.
For more information on Neato robotics please visit our web site at
 Work closely with HW Engineering, SW Engineering and SW QA teams to implement
Product verification and validation tests.
 Execute functional and regression tests as a part of release testing and triage results.
 Identify external testing resources for augmenting capabilities or specialty testing
 Inspection of parts for surface/functional defects.
 Validate, repair, and assemble robotic/electro-mechanical equipment.
 Install electronic parts and hardware.
 Utilize measuring equipment such as scopes, meters and mechanical equipment used
around the factory.
 Utilized hand tools, soldering irons, volt and amp meters and other electrical testing
 Refurbish and re-assemble units per specified procedures and schematics using hand
tools, electric tools, firmware upgrades, and programming.
 2+ years of experience in HW QA with robotics or other consumer electronics products
 Role working on both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering testing
 Excellent knowledge of QA methodologies, processes, and tools
 Excellent oral and written communication skills
 Performed preventative Electro-mechanical maintenance activities when needed.
 Collaborate across organizational departments.
 Proficient with standard EE lab test and measurement tools including high-speed scopes,
function generators, spectrum, and network analyzers.
 Solid interpersonal skills
 AA/AS Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer
Engineering, or related field with equivalent practical experience
DocuSign Envelope ID: 39A38321-9B0D-45E7-BF15-7B38C396B471
Rev 062320
 Background in creating and executing automation tests.
 Proficiency in programming languages such as C# and Java and scripting languages such as Python and Bash

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