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San Jose, CA

Sr. Lead Industrial Designer

Neato Robotics is looking for a Sr. Lead Industrial Designer who is up for the challenge of starting an in-house industrial design team within the User Experience organization. You will help design the next-generation robotic cleaning devices and influence the way people live in their personal homes.

The Senior Lead Industrial Designer will work as a strong collaborator and leader engaging with stakeholders to frame, define, and execute on future Neato products. Additionally, this role will focus on the physical aspects of the product and should understand the user needs, ergonomics, form proportion, color, materials, and manufacturing processes that transform complex technical designs into elegant forms that are usable, beautiful, and manufacturable.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Individually leads projects, or partners with others on the design team
  • Employs a user centered design process to help teams frame problems and define opportunities
  • Actively participates in cross-functional team collaboration and proactively drives efforts forward
  • Collaborates with other Design team members to create compelling integrated user experiences
  • Utilizes a range of 2D and 3D tools and techniques to develop designs
  • Generates prototypes to explore and validate design choices through user testing
  • Distills technical and ergonomic requirements and then quickly develop solutions reflecting a range of solutions that synthesize usability, utility, manufacturability, and desirability
  • Works with product development and engineering groups early in product development lifecycle to provide user-centered thought leadership and generate conceptual product designs and opportunities
  • Combines industrial design objectives with the objectives of our process partners
  • Delivers manufacturable design proposals to engineering for production

The Ideal Candidate

  • Approaches work with a strategic, systems-thinking mindset
  • Is excited to work on complex problems and is not afraid of ambiguity
  • Is relentless about testing and validating new ideas and concepts
  • Has a high capacity for technical problem solving and execution work
  • Is reliable and dedicated to achieving the highest quality design output
  • Has a refined aesthetic sensibility, an artistic skill, and brings formal understanding of design principles, colors, materials, texture composition, and a keen understanding of how sound can impact experience
  • Has experience leading and driving design efforts from concept to production
  • Has a firm understanding of designing for accessibility


  • 8+ years of experience in the industrial design industry
  • Demonstrable experience leading projects and facilitating user-centered design process
  • A proven track record of collaborating successfully with engineering, user research and product marketing teams to develop designs and bring successful products to market
  • Excellent storytelling and presentation skills and an ability to effectively communicate a user-centered point of view
  • A comprehensive set of prototyping skills from quick low-fi foam models to fabricating more complex functional learning prototypes
  • Strong 2D visualization skills including sketching, storyboarding, and digital rendering
  • Strong 3D CAD and visualization skills to develop technically viable and compelling design solutions
  • Extensive experience with SolidWorks is required.
  • A thorough understanding of materials, manufacturing processes, and DFM considerations
  • Bachelor's degree or greater in Industrial Design


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