Neato Botvac Series

D Shape with CornerClever Tech

10.9 inches / 27.6cm

Neato Robot Vacuum

Neato cleans within 14mm of the walls and corners.

Neato’s D-shape allows for a front-brush design with a 50% bigger brush than the competition. Gets closer to walls and into corners—and makes room for Neato’s extra–large dirt bin. Round robot vacuums simply are not up to the task.

6.4 inches / 16.3cm

Other Robot Vacuums

Round robots are 98mm away from the walls—and even further from corners.

Round vacs have their brushes in the middle, between the wheels. Not much room for a decent size brush. And the dirt bin? It’s small, too. Botvac robot vacuums have larger dirt bins allowing you to empty them less frequently.

Patented laser-guided technology scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans—instead of just bumping around.

Vacuums dirt, crumbs, and dust bunnies from all floor types and every corner of your home.

50% larger brush than the competition gets closer to the wall than those round robot vacuums.

Bigger-is-better dirt bin holds more and is easy to empty.

Extra-large filter captures more dust and allergens.

Precise edge cleaning side brush makes sure not a speck of dust escapes its path.

Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning.

Automatically goes back to its charge base to juice up then returns to where it left off and finishes the job.

Easy-to-use boundary markers keep it where you want and away from place you don’t—like pet bowls, cords, and toys. Just drop them down. Nothing complicated about it.

Neato Botvac Series Accessories

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