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The D-Shape Advantage

There are many factors to consider when investing in a new robot vacuum for your home. One crucial deciding factor is shape. Robot vacuums are generally designed in one of two shapes: D-shape, which was pioneered by Neato, and round. The shape of the robot vacuum determines how well it cleans and navigates hard-to-reach areas in your home. Explore the common benefits of D-shape robot vacuums and how this design provides the most efficient clean.

  • Wider brush, better coverage: With a main brush that is nearly double the size of those on standard round robot vacuums, Neato cleans more effectively in a shorter period than its round counterparts. Thoroughly tested in internal labs, our D-shape robots are proven to provide up to 70% more coverage based on time of operation.
  • Gets into every nook and cranny: Round robots are ineffective when cleaning corners, and corners are where dust bunnies love to hide. Unlike round robots, Neato’s D-shape allows us to position our main brush right at the front of the robot. This positioning ensures we get closer to edges, deeper into corners, and along walls more effectively.
  • Appealing aesthetics: The overall functionality of your robot is important, but this does not mean aesthetics should be compromised. Neato’s sleek and unique D-shape stands out from competitors. You won’t mind leaving our robot out in the living room for everyone to see.

Neato introduced the D-shape design to the robot vacuum industry more than fifteen years ago. Today, we still get where round robots can’t, picking up everything they left behind. Get the most out of your cleaning experience and shop all our available robot vacuums HERE. See what makes us superior to round robots and why Neato is the Ultimate Cleaning Machine.

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