Since we launched our first robot in 2010, people have been talking about the Neato. Take a look at what others are saying about our revolutionary robotic floor cleaner. Then find out what’s new by checking out our Neato press releases.

Neatonian Spotlight

Neatonian Spotlight of the Month: Yari D’areglia Yari D’areglia is our Senior iOS Developer. For 3 years Yari has proven his skills ensuring Neato’s app is both user friendly and efficient. Read more > Neatonian Spotlight of the Month: Donna Valji Donna Valji is our Sales Operations and Marketing Specialist EMEA based in London, proving her hard work and dedication for three years here at Neato. Donna is at the forefront of ensuring order during Neato’s period of company growth, whilst continuing a sustainable infrastructure in which Neato’s sales can grow. Read more > Neatonian Spotlight of the Month: Camp Peavy Camp Peavy is an electronics technician extraordinaire with a love for robotics, and he is one of our most tenured Neatonians. With over 11 years at Neato, Camp has seen the growth, change, and evolution of the company, but one thing hasn’t changed in those 11 years... He is just as excited to be here as he was on his first day. Camp has managed to do what some people only dream of doing, he has turned his passion into his profession. Read more > Neatonian Spotlight of the Month: Thompson Cai Thompson Cai is an enthusiastic marketer with a likability that is infectious, and a sensibility that most of us could probably learn from. He manages all marketing and promotional campaigns for Neato in China and is currently working on the product launch campaign for the Neato Botvac D7 Connected. Read more > Neatonian Spotlight of the Month: Jorgen Thynell Jorgen Thynell is a six-year Neatonian with a proven track record for success. He manages sales for Northern and Eastern Europe and works to ensure that Neato’s presence is not only known within those markets, but that it continues to expand and grow. Jorgen’s knowledge of the industry and strong sales acumen have helped to propel his business over the last six years and, according to those who work with him, he is just getting started. Read more > Neatonian Spotlight of the Month: Rachel Lucas Rachel Lucas has been working at Neato for 3 years. While technically a mechanical engineer, Rachel currently works on all of our patents, partnering with our lawyers, heading the employee committee and studying to be a patent agent (sponsored by Neato). Her work here is not only important to the bottom line but the future of the business, we are lucky to have her on the team and watch her grow into an expert in the patent business. Read more >

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