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  Botvac™ 85
Botvac D Series
 Botvac™ Connected
Botvac Connected
Neato mobile app/Wi-Fi connectivity  
Self-charging, Auto Charge & Resume
LaserSmart Mapping & Navigation
SpinFlow Power Clean

Eco / Turbo

Multi-room Navigation
Entire Level Cleaning
Scheduling 1
SmartHome. SmartLife. Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Neato Chatbot
Main Brush Combo Brush & Spiral Blade Brush Combo Brush & Spiral Blade Brush
Side Brush
Filter High Performance 3 Ultra Performance 4
Boundary Marker
compatible with all robots
Battery Nickel Metal Hydride High Capacity Lithium-ion
Improved Durability


Area robot can clean in 1 cycle 5 Up to 3000 sq ft Up to 5000 sq ft
Additional Neato mobile app features
Manual Drive (remote control)  
No-Go Lines


Floor Planner


Find Me    
Cleaning Summary with Coverage Maps  
Cleaning History  
2x Spot Clean  
Smartwatch support  
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1 High Performance filters provide a very high cleaning performance and good air filtration.

2 Botvac D7 tested in Neato's home test lab with a combination of hard floors and carpet in Eco Mode

3 Schedule can be set to clean 1 time per day, 7 days a week – The Neato app is required for D7, D5 and D3 scheduling.